We took the overnight train down from KL, and after a brief border stop in Malaysia, we arrived at Singapore Woodlands at about 7am. A long queue later and we got through to the taxi rank to head to the apartment of my friend Tim (and his wife Sue and son Jenson). After a brief friendly greeting, Tim and Sue headed off to work and Amy and I passed out in bed to recoup on train sleep. Train sleep in general is much better than airplane sleep, but still tends to be a touch rough.


After recovering, we spent the next 3 days chilling out in Singapore. We visited the lovely botanic gardens, and a trilogy of museums. The Singapore Art Museum was a touch more Amy’s style than mine (read, abstract and contemporary), but the National Museum of Singapore was excellent and the Artscience museum had probably the best exhibit we’ve seen so far, on the art, architecture, design and creativity of Charles and Ray Eames. We also wandered around some of the vast Singaporean shopping centres and had some lovely meals, meeting up with a couple of Amy’s friends before we headed to the airport and Australia.


It feels very strange getting to this stage. Australia (and New Zealand) were always very firmly on my ‘must-visit’ list for this trip, but they always seemed so far away. Heading there now, especially with a hot and distant Christmas getting ever nearer. We’re over four months into the trip now, only 7 weeks to go. A seven week holiday in isolation is in and of itself very long, but in the context of the trip seems terribly short. While we are looking forwards to re-entry into a fully western world, inevitably thoughts of what we will do when we return start to creep in.


One thought on “Singapore

  1. Jane and Neil would have loved to see all of the museums and galleries you have visited. Enjoy a sunny Christmas for once. Here it’s gales rain, darkness and cold, about 1C! Dad.

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