Phuket – Not Just a Homophone

This was kind of a holiday from our travels, which may seem somewhat indulgent, but when you’re used to unpacking, packing and moving every three days or so, it’s pretty stressful. A week in one place occasionally without the pressue to ‘do’ stuff gives us the opportunity to recharge our batteries.


That said, this whole trip is pretty indulgent, so maybe you have a point afterall.

Anyway, there’s not that much to say. Phuket is known for crazy partying, but that not really being our scene, we avoided th infamous Patong beach and stayed near the quieter Kata beach. This included a pool on our room doorstep and a ten minute walk to a gorgeous sandy beach with rolling waves great for body-surfing. The resort is apparently a favourite of Finns, Swedes and Russians, but in general it was pleasant and restrained. We pretty much chilled out everyday, alternating between reading, swimming in the sea or the pool and retreating to our room in search of aircon when it all got a bit too hot.


I tried my hand at ‘flowrider surfing’, which is sort of to real surfing what treadmills are to running. Although not really. And with a large number of wipeouts. After a week here, we said our goodbyes to Thailand and headed south to Kuala Lumpur.


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