Why Does It Always Rain On Hue?


-Lawrence: You know that doesn’t work, right? I mean it’s accented and pronounce ‘Hoo-Ay’? Not ‘Hwee’. It doesn’t fit.
-Loz: Well yeah, but no one reading this knows that! Plus it’s been ages since I had a decent pun in the title.
-Lawrence: Some might say it’s been the whole length of the blog.
-Loz: Well, screw you!
-Lawrence: Look, can we leave this and just get on with the post?
-Loz: Fine. But this isn’t over.



So, yeah, it rained loads in Hue, but despite that (perhaps because of it!) we had a great time. We got off the train in the morning and made our way to our hostel. Some breakfast, a quick shower and the we headed to the front desk to book a motorcycle tour of the sights of Hue. This was great fun, whizzing about on fairly quiet roads. We got to our first stop, bought tickets, walked up the steps to the entrance – and the heavens opened. It absolutely tipped it down for the next two hours. We dodged between buildings, looking at some stunning architecture of tombs, before we headed back to the bikes. We then drove to another old site, spending a large section of time in what was, for all intents and purposes, a river. By this point, we were so wet that it was just funny and so we decided to start some slightly hysterical twirling in the pond-like courtyards.


We decided that discretion was the better part of valour at this point and headed back toward the hotel, but fortunately the rain stopped before we got there and we took a tour of the old Imperial Palace. Many of the buildings were in the midst of restoration, but there were some great mini-exhibitions and art galleries around. One thing I’ve really liked about Vietnam so far is the sheer number of art and photography galleries and exhibitions that abound throughout the cities. The next day we were up early to head to the small town of Hoi An. We foolishly picked a cheapo ‘open tour’ bus, which meant being rammed in (people were sat in the aisles) with no aircon. Unpleasant.


-Loz: ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On Hué’?
-Lawrence: What?
-Loz: ‘UmHuélla’?
-Lawrence: That doesn’t even…
-Loz: ‘Huére Comes The Rain Again’?
-Lawrence: Oh God
-Loz: ‘Only Huéappy When It Rains’?
-Lawrence: Kills me.
-Loz: ‘NovHuémber Rain’
-Lawrence: No. Just No.


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