We arrived in Hanoi with fears about visa rejections (not aided by extremely officious reviews of all our documents in Hong Kong) and constant warnings about taxi scams. Despite this, we sailed fairly smoothly through customs and met out hotel-arranged pick up. We only had a couple of nights here before we planned to head off to Cat Ba island in Halong Bay. Venturing out of our hotel and walking the streets remains a preference for both of us, and it’s a great way to get a feel for a city, both in tone and size. Plus you need/get to use maps!



We had a couple of lovely (and cheap after Hong Kong and Delhi!) meals here, although it initially looks tougher for vegan options for Amy. We also got a full days’ sight-seeing in, visiting no fewer than four monuments and museums. I would heartily recommend the Museum of Fine Arts and I think Amy would vouch for the Museum of Ethnology. We slightly rushed the Temple of Literature, due to a combination of hunger and a swarm of school kids who seemed to be having a graduation ceremony.



It took much less time to get comfortable in Vietnam than it had in India and I think in general we’re happy to be back on the trail. Our next stop is a few days relaxing on the beach in Cat Ba.



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