Himalaya Trek (Part 3)

On day 8 we hiked up beyond the tree line to 4000m. The landscape has changed dramatically, gorse and thorn bushes and minimal other vegetation. It’s mostly been cloudy with very occasional drizzle the last couple of days so it’s generally greyer, but occasionally the sun peeks through.


We’ve adjusted to the altitude pretty slowly, so no one is really suffering. I’ve got an occasional low grade headache, but that’s all. We’ve been recommended to drink ~4 litres of water a day, which is tough but certainly helps out. We arrive at our lodge by lunchtime so have a fairly relaxing afternoon.


Day 9 is similar to day 8 – we get up to 4500m and our lodge for lunch. Tomorrow is our big trek up Thorong La – 5400m. We’ll start at ~4am and walk for 12 hours, so it should be pretty tough – but I’m really looking forward to it as the peak of the trek. Hopefully the weather will clear a bit, the clouds are preventing getting a really clear view.


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