In Soviet Russia, etc., bla…

Just arrived this morning in Moscow after a few days in St Petersburg and an overnight train. This is our last stop before our 4-night train to Irkutsk, so an opportunity to stock up on supplies. Oh and see a bit of Moscow.

St Petersburg is a slightly odd city, it’s bustling and fully of classic facades and architecture (often painted in pastels – in particular the Pistachio Winter Palace/Hermitage)

St Petersburg

It’s also oddly un-modern, the lack of classic glass and steel structures is fine, but there are telephone lines running across the streets everywhere too. It sits slightly out of character.

Other than that, we stayed in an utterly superb hostel called Soul Kitchen Jr and spent some time wandering the streets of Nevsky Prospect and around the Museum of Russian Art.

St Petersburg

As well as an old Russian Computer Games museum:

St Petersburg

The overnight train was pretty reasonable, in particular the Russian Martial music playing us on and off was very stirring.


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