Berlin was the place to renew

We’re on the train to Warsaw after three nights in Berlin. In terms of vibes, I really liked Berlin, it’s up there towards Lisbon and Paris for me with European cities. There are an extraordinary number of very cool cafés, coffee shops, bars and boutiques.  We only really had two full days there, so didn’t see too much touristy stuff. We saw the Wall – it’s mostly been knocked down, but there are two main areas – one a memorial and the other an art gallery for murals and graffiti. Very different in tone, but both quite moving. We also visited the city aquarium (I love aquariums) but this one was a bit generic, not a patch on Lisbon.

On thursday, we took a trip out to Wannsee strand (note – not actually at Wannsee station). There’s a lake caused by a bend in the river here and a lovely little beach. We chilled out for a few hours and looked out over (and lusted after in my case) a bunch of boats racing on the water. An extremely pleasant place (although I imagine it gets somewhat rammed at weekends).

Anyway, off to Eastern Europe. We’ve literally the night in Warsaw, before we hop on another train to Vilnius


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