Well, we’re finally on our way! A bit of a rush out the house and then a kerfuffle getting to St Pancras, but a very pleasant champagne send-off with friends and family and we were on our way to Brussels. We arrived around 22:30 and a quick taxi took us to our hotel for the night. A quick crash there for a few hours and we were up at 5:20 to get back to Bruxelles-Midi for a train to Berlin (via a change at Koln). Lovely trains aside, we were quite surprised to discover that there’s no wifi on Eurostar or on Deutsche Bahn ICE trains – even in 1st class. Probably helpful in terms of disconnecting us, but an odd change given how otherwise modern, clean and pleasant the trains are. Still – good practice for our 4 night epic Trans Siberian experience with zero contact at all!

We’re spending three nights in Berlin, which should allow us to catch our breath, relax into the trip and come crushingly face-to-face with the enormity of what we’re doing!


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