As Amy mentioned, we started thinking about this trip a while ago, but we’ve had thoughts about other life changes before and not really followed through on them. In this case though, we’re actually leaving and will be departing from St Pancras for Brussels on Monday 12th August. Amy finished work on Monday and it’s my last day today.

I’ve been working in Risk IT in the City for nearly ten years now across just two companies, and this will be the longest period I’ve not had a job since 1993. Unlike Amy I’m not the world’s greatest at self-motivation, so am a little worried about what I’m going to do with all my time while travelling. Hopefully much of this will work itself out though, after a couple of weeks of relaxing and settling into the new lifestyle I’m planning to start extending myself in terms of reading and planning. One exercise will be reading through Shakespeare – I’ve only read a few plays, so this will be an interesting diversion. Plus I’ll have a proper English scholar next to me to add commentary. I’ll be blogging Shakespeare recaps at http://shakesonatrain.wordpress.com 

I’m also looking to improve my photography skills, having got a Canon EOS 60D for Christmas, this is just the opportunity to practice and improve. Photos will be interspersed across social media, but hosted at http://www.flickr.com/photos/hasta_lorenzo/

And that’s it for now! We may stop the biblical references shortly.


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